Published on March 6th, 2013 | by SamCouch


Week One: Lessons Learned

After one week of competitions down, there were plenty of lessons learned and theories debunked about Ultimate Ascent. Here are a few tips and observations on gameplay that we have compiled from people all across the country.

  • When  [good] defense is played, there is a severe impact on an alliance’s offense.
  • Simple designs can still be very effective.
  • Hanging for 10 points is common, some teams even added devices quickly at their events.
  • There are lots of frisbees available on the ground.
  • Frisbees have minds of their own… Sometimes’s they’ll come after you, look out!

If you’d like to read more from this conversation, take a look at the whole thread on Chief Delphi. Join in on the conversation as well on the FIRST Los Angeles Facebook page.

Along the lines of lessons learned, one aspect of the competition that we cannot emphasize to teams enough is the value of scouting. Not only is it fun to see how other teams around the world are playing the game, but it’s also useful! We will try and spotlight some of the resources available.

Using data from FRC Miner, the folks over at EWCP’s TwentyFour created some summarizations of the overall gameplay. Side note: both of these resources are developed and maintained by other members of the FIRST community. If you’ve got an idea yourself, create and share it with others! 

On average, team were scoring 12.3 points in autonomous, 13.2 points during the teleop period, and 13.2 points climbing. Over the coming weeks of competition we hope to have weekly summaries how these numbers are changing. It will also become much more in depth – we know engineers love to see the numbers!

We hope you all will also take advantage of The Blue Alliance’s Gameday feature. Their clean interface makes it incredibly easy to follow multiple competitions at once, it also features a live chat where members of the community from all around the world commentate on teams and matches as they happen.

Good luck teams competing in week 2, don’t forget to HAVE FUN!


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