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Published on March 14th, 2014 | by Alex Davis


How FIRST has impacted me? Now that is truly a loaded question

Hmm… how FIRST has impacted me? Now that is truly a loaded question.

I cannot begin to explain how much FIRST has changed the way I look at the world, but I’ll do my best to explain!
It all started my freshman year in high school when I was looking for clubs to join, there were so many, and I really had no interest in any of them. Until I came to the end of the long row and I saw a small table with a poorly made banner that said “Robotics Club.” I saw some friends sign up so I put my name down. I am so happy I did.
The funny thing is I didn’t instantly fall in love with robotics, I actually found it quite daunting.But then kickoff happened and it was a burst of passion. I fell in love so quickly with the program. Being able to create and think hard for something and not want to stop, is something I never would of imagined I would of been able to do. With robotics I have gotten to immerse myself in the technological culture and actually apply math and physics to what I’m doing. I truly have learned so much more in a robotics meeting than I have ever learned in a conventional classroom. Previously I had thought STEM education was based on memorization, then I joined FIRST and I learned what application of what I learned in a classroom can do.
FIRST has taught me that I can be anyone I want to be if I set my mind to it.
FIRST has actually made me want to inspire so many people to give robotics a try, especially young women. As a woman, I believe my gender is shyed away from pursuing engineering and that there are not enough women in the field.
That’s actually the main reason I have mentored so many FLL teams, including all girl teams, so that these young and scared girls can get a taste of engineering.
Because if I never got that initial taste in 2011, I would of never found my immense passion for STEM and FRC.
Thanks FIRST <3
-Pauline Tasci

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